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This family tree chart is centred on the marriage on 24th March 1897 at St Saviour, Nottingham, UK of

Walter Geary (b.11/7/1874 in Sherwood, Nottingham - d.1925) and

Gertrude Hooley Thompson (b.4/4/1878 in Nottinham Byron - d.1917).

It is believed that the chart was researched and drawn up by Barbara Marie Winter (née Gamble) sometime around 1992 for Sheila Sobol (née Geary).

The actual chart measures 88 inches by 21 inches and appears on the back of a roll of wallpaper.

The scans were prepared by Stephen Sobol in September 2015.

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2015-10-21 Anna Smith: "Lucy was born in 1979 not 1980."
2019-07-13 Stephen Sobol: "Jack Geary died on 6th November 2018"
2019-07-13 Stephen Sobol: "Ida Geary (née Clarkstone) died on 7th July 2019"

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